BBS Realty recommends the following Real Estate Tips in your best interest:

  • Find the best realtor in your desired area by doing extensive online research

  • In today’s real estate market, it is often wise to identify and even contract for a home before listing your current home to avoid being “homeless” after a quick sale

  • Find creative financial solutions such as an interest only loan to carry a second home while the current home is sold. This will be possible if there is sufficient equity in the current home. This will avoid a costly temporary rental and storage/double move of your personal effects. 

  • As a buyer, ensure that you are buying a home that will appraise for the purchase price. No one wants to purchase a home above market conditions. Have your realtor provide comparison sales of similar homes in the last 6 months.

  • As a seller, price your home to sell. A stale home (high days on market) is a turn-off to buyers. Also consider the appraisal view of your home so that a contract does not fall through when the home appraises under the contract price. The best realtor can provide you with this information.

  • As a buyer and seller, be aware of the environment around the home for example traffic, green space, size of yard, maintenance upkeep, depreciation and opportunity for appreciation.

  • As a seller, stage your home for a quick sale. Remove personal photos, clutter and simplify your space to optimize the first 20 seconds.

  • Ask the realtor to explain the HOA payments and benefits along with the tax rates and exemptions.

  • Always make decisions on purchase and sale at the net level. Not all offers are equal.

We hope that you gained some great Real Estate Tips. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact BBS Realty of Robson Ranch at 940-783-6251 or visit our website at