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We all want to feel young – no matter what age we are. Fortunately, with the advent of active adult living communities, that young, youthful feeling is now easier than ever to achieve, even for older individuals. These unique communities offer a great way for aging adults to stay active, keep healthy, meet new people and, best of all, and have fun while they’re at it.

Here are just a few of the ways an active adult living community can help you or your loved one feel young again:

1. It offers you plenty of ways to stay active. While you may not be able to run a marathon or play a game of basketball anymore, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of physical activities you can do! Active adult living communities offer tons of opportunities for staying active within your own physical abilities. Go for a swim in an indoor pool, take a dance class, or even play a quick game of tennis. Many communities even offer leagues you can compete in!

2. It keeps your mind sharp. Active living communities almost always have a plethora of clubs, organizations and classes you can participate in to keep your mind sharp. Take a computer course, join a book club, learn a foreign language and just keep growing and expanding your horizons. You’re never too old to learn!

3. It allows you to be social. As they age, many adults find themselves living a very solitary lifestyle. They rarely leave the house, they only see close friends and family, and they never meet anyone new. In an adult living community, social opportunities abound. Residents are surrounded by people their own age – people who share similar interests, needs and backgrounds. They also offer a variety of social activities you can take part in, like plays, choirs and even community service events.

4. It keeps you healthy. Staying physically active, happy and alert can all impact your health positively in the long run. In fact, according to the American Academy of Neurology, even light activities like cleaning, cooking or painting can lower your risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

There’s no doubt an active adult living community can help you feel young and alive no matter how old you are. If you’re looking for an active living community to call your own, consider Robson Ranch.

At Robson Ranch, you’ll find all the amenities you need to stay healthy, active and happy. Spanning three full acres, the property boasts various walking trails, a sports club, a resort-style pool and spa, an indoor pool with lap lanes, a fitness center, a dance/yoga/aerobics room, multi-purpose activity rooms and even tennis and pickleball courts. To learn more or schedule a tour of the property, contact BBS Realty today at 940-90-9789.


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Bill Marshall managed our rental house on Grandview Drive for 8 years. We were absentee landlords living in Virginia. Bill took care of everything concerning the rental. He collected the rent money and deposited it in our bank account. He took care of all the maintenance in our absence, arranged for new tenants, took care of getting the house ready for the new tenants such as arranging for the cleaning before they moved in. He did other numerous things, such as arranging for a new water heater and a new AC system to be installed. He took care of many of the renters' needs, such as changing smoke detecting alarm batteries and light bulbs, preparing the sprinkling system for winter, arranged for yard maintenance, and the repair of a water leak in the front yard. When we sold this house, Bill took care of the closing in a very professional way. We highly recommend him as a real estate rental manager. Bill was our realtor when we bought and closed on our present residence on Oak Brook Court. We were not in Texas when we closed. Both the sale and closing were very well done with no problems. Before we moved in. Bill arranged for a flooring and grout company to put in new floors and countertops. We were very pleased with everything. We highly recommend Bill as a realtor. Cal & Mary Mullins
We realized what a professional, detailed, and thorough realtor Bill Marshall is when we sold our home at Robson Ranch and our home in Florida within days of each other. Bill made the process go so smoothly and seamlessly; but the sale in Florida was bogged down with miscommunication, delays, confusion, and frustration. Bill was also our rental agent and again, he handled everything for us, with no worries. We would recommend Bill Marshall to anyone looking to move to Robson Ranch, TX. He is knowledgeable about Real Estate, and also knows all about the amenities and activities in the whole area. And if he doesn't know - he'll find out!! With Bill, the customer comes first and proves that every day. Sheila and Allen Wolf.
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