Stay Youthful

Why Active Adult Living Will Make You Youthful:

  • Robson Ranch provides activities that keep the mind and body active. There are many articles written and medical evidence provided to show how your life is healthier with an active life style.
  • A recent article in the Healthy Living Magazine from by Dr. Travis Stork writes “MAINTENANCE IS KEY: You good and bad habits all correlate with how healthy you are and how effectively you can build and maintain a strong immune system. Dr. Stork stresses the goal shouldn’t be to “boost” your system, but instead to keep it in good condition and functioning property; an overactive immune system can actually get you in trouble. The main lifestyle-related factors are typically a balance of both physical behaviors and mental outlooks that can determine whether your immune system is able to keep infections at bay. Dr Stork says
    • STAYING ACTIVE IS ESSENTIAL. It’s been shown in many cases that staying active is key to maintaining highly functional white blood cells, which are the soldiers of the immune system. If you’re a couch potato, you’re also making your immune system sluggish and increasing your risk of illness. Just 30 minutes of physical activity a day-something as simple as a short walk- is directly linked to improved immune function.
    • WATCH YOUR WEIGHT. If you’re overweight or obese, that may mean your body is in a chronic state of inflammation. That distressed state can hamper your immune system and in turn put you at risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, further decreasing your ability to fight off infection.
    • EAT NUTRITIOUS MEALS. A well-balanced diet made up of a variety of whole foods naturally keeps your body’s nutrients in balance. Avoid high-sugar foods, as excess sugar has been shown to suppress the immune system. Dr. Stork recommends a diet that covers the rainbow; brightly colored fruits and vegetables that are loaded with photochemical, which act as antioxidants to optimize your body’s ability to fight off infection as nature intended.
    • REMEMBER TO STAY HYDRATED. This can be easy to ignore during the cold winter months since we may not feel as thirsty, but don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids-except for the sugary kind! Keeping nasal membranes and sinus passages hydrated and clear of congestion is important. Carry a saline nasal spray at all times to flush away germs, allergens and irritants.
    • DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE. when you are travelling or in a public place, try not to touch your eyes or nose after being exposed to potentially germy surfaces. That door handle you just touched could be loaded with cold virus which loves to infect through the mucus membranes of your eyes and nose. Hand sanitizer can come in handy, but good ol’ soap and water has been shown to be just as effective in taking care of germs. 
    • DON’T STRESS OUT. Chronic stress taxes your body with a “fight of Flight” response and places you at greater risk for illness by suppressing your immune system. Head outside for a walk, get away from your cell or email, or just have a good laugh. Set aside a little time each day to relax and your immune system will reap the benefits.
    • GET ADEQUATE SLEEP. Lack of sleep can also stress your body, leading to inflammation and increased susceptibility to illness. You should try and get a least 7 hours of sleep each night to keep your immune system in working order.  
  • It is never too late to enjoy an active life style. At Robson Ranch there are residents 40 years of age and upwards. There are currently men and women in their 90’s enjoying a game of golf or learning about new hobbies.
  • The best part of living in an active life style at Robson Ranch is the new friendship’s that are formed. These new friends form ones' support group in times of need. Sharing and caring comes naturally when Robson Ranch resident’s play and pray together.
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Bill Marshall managed our rental house on Grandview Drive for 8 years. We were absentee landlords living in Virginia. Bill took care of everything concerning the rental. He collected the rent money and deposited it in our bank account. He took care of all the maintenance in our absence, arranged for new tenants, took care of getting the house ready for the new tenants such as arranging for the cleaning before they moved in. He did other numerous things, such as arranging for a new water heater and a new AC system to be installed. He took care of many of the renters' needs, such as changing smoke detecting alarm batteries and light bulbs, preparing the sprinkling system for winter, arranged for yard maintenance, and the repair of a water leak in the front yard. When we sold this house, Bill took care of the closing in a very professional way. We highly recommend him as a real estate rental manager. Bill was our realtor when we bought and closed on our present residence on Oak Brook Court. We were not in Texas when we closed. Both the sale and closing were very well done with no problems. Before we moved in. Bill arranged for a flooring and grout company to put in new floors and countertops. We were very pleased with everything. We highly recommend Bill as a realtor. Cal & Mary Mullins
We realized what a professional, detailed, and thorough realtor Bill Marshall is when we sold our home at Robson Ranch and our home in Florida within days of each other. Bill made the process go so smoothly and seamlessly; but the sale in Florida was bogged down with miscommunication, delays, confusion, and frustration. Bill was also our rental agent and again, he handled everything for us, with no worries. We would recommend Bill Marshall to anyone looking to move to Robson Ranch, TX. He is knowledgeable about Real Estate, and also knows all about the amenities and activities in the whole area. And if he doesn't know - he'll find out!! With Bill, the customer comes first and proves that every day. Sheila and Allen Wolf.
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